We’re  so happy that you’re here!  Looking Forward to seeing you in person for our Spring 2021 Sale!

Open to the public April 25th-May 1st

Clearview Mall (Previous Location)

Signing Up to Consign?  Please be sure to check at the bottom of this page for deadlines as well as printing information.

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Drop Off Appointment

Volunteer Scheduler

Drop off starts this Saturday 4/17 and runs through Thursday 4/22.  That being said, the last time to enter items is Wednesday 4/21 at 11:59.  This would only be for those consignors with a Thursday drop off.

Please secure your drop off appointment and then refer to this chart when deciding the last possible time to enter your items.

Drop Off Day: Last Day to Enter Items:
Saturday 4/17 Thursday 4/15 (Tonight!) (Printed Friday)
Sunday 4/18 Thursday 4/15 (Tonight!) (Printed Friday)
Monday 4/19 Sunday 4/18 (Printed Monday during the day)
Tuesday 4/20 Monday 4/19 (Printed Tuesday during the day)
Wednesday 4/21 Tuesday 4/20 (Printed Wednesday during the day)
Thursday 4/22 Wednesday 4/21 (Printed Thursday during the day)

Minuteman Press is open in Butler from 7:00am-3:30pm on weekdays only.  They recommend a 24 hour period to have them printed, but usually are much quicker than that.  Here is their email:  customerservice@minutemanbutler.com 

A note on printing:  We strongly urge you to have your tags printed at Minuteman Press.  It is actually cheaper than doing it yourself and we have never had any issues with tags printed through them.  The issue with tags not scanning due to printing quality is very time consuming for cashiers and leaves a lot of room for mistakes to be made.  We will be scanning tags to be sure that they are scanning correctly before we open to the public.  Those items with tags that don’t scan will be pulled from the sales floor.