How to Register and Enter for Online Sale

Directions for Registering and Entering Items in

An Angel’s Attic Fall/Winter 2020 Online Sale

If not yet registered:

New Consignor Registration

  • Fill out form with: name, address, email, phone, and password, and how you heard of us.
  • Read and Print the Online seller agreement.
  • Type yes to agree.
  • Click Continue.
  • Read Thank You message.
  • Click Continue.
  • Log In with consignor # and password.
  • Skip to “Once Registered”.

Returning Consignor Registration:

  • Enter Consignor Number and Password.
  • Login
  • Click Register.
  • Check box to register.
  • Click Submit.
  • Confirm Information or make changes if necessary.
  • Click Info Correct if no changes were made.
  • Click Changes Made-Please Update in changes were made.
  • Read and Print Consignor Agreement.
  • Type yes to agree.
  • Click Continue.
  • Read message that registered.
  • Click Continue.

Once Registered and Ready to Add Items:

  • Click on Consignor Homepage.
  • In drop down menu choose work with consigned inventory.
  • Click Add items.
  • Choose Mobile or PC/Laptop Version.
  • Click Add New Item.
  • Use the drop down menu to add category (please be as accurate as possible), size (there is a leave blank option).
  • Type description (be pretty specific as people may be searching by keyword).
  • Enter the price.
  • Enter quantity if more than 1.
  • Click Box if you want to let the items go at 25% or 50% off on specified days.
  • Click Choose File to upload photo.
  • Choose photo and upload.
  • Once you feel that the item is ready you can click the box for Ready to be Sold Online.

Items Entered, but need a photo added

(This can also be done with Inactive Inventory):

  • Click Edit on Item.
  • Click Choose File to Upload photo.
  • Upload photo.
  • Click Box when item is ready to sell online.
  • Click Submit.

Once an item is marked as ready to sell online, it cannot be changed.