Preparing your Items

Preparation of your items is a key factor in selling with

An Angel’s Attic.

All items must be in new or gently used condition and be presented as nicely as possible.

The following will help you as you prepare your items to sell:

Supplies that you will need:

• Child Sized Hangers or Appropriate sized hangers for your items.(avoid wire hangers if possible, if you have to use them the clothing must be pinned appropriately onto the hanger)
• Silver Safety Pins
• Clorox Wipes
• Mailing Tape
• Masking Tape
• Sharpie Marker
• Gallon Sized Ziploc Bags

Printing your Tags:

It is strongly recommended that you print your tags with Minute Man Press.

  •  Subject: An Angel’s Attic. 
  • Pick up your tags at their Butler Location: 112 Hollywood Dr, Suite 103 Butler, PA  16001 (724)283-7403  Their hours are M-F 7-3:30.  There will be at least 24 hour turn around once your tags are sent to them.  Please see schedule on homepage.

Please print your tags on WHITE Card Stock only.
• Be sure that your bar code is clearly printed on your tags.

Tags will be checked at drop off.  If they do not scan, the items cannot be accepted.

Please contact me if you are having issues with printing . 

Clothing:  NB-Juniors Sizes ( No Mens or Womens Clothing )

• All clothing must be freshly laundered and free of wrinkles and odors.
• All clothing must be on appropriately sized hangers. With the opening of the hanger facing to the left and looking like a question mark. 
• You can find plastic children’s hangers at the dollar store, Target, or Walmart for $1.00/10. If this presents an issue, add $.50 to the price of your item. You can also use the hangers that you get from the store when purchasing children’s clothing. I have also heard that some of the outlet stores are very generous in donating hangers. Please do not use large metal hangers that are too big for the items. 
• All clothing items must be securely fastened to the hangers. If you are using regular hangers for pants, please pin the waistband to the hanger with large safety pins.
• Outfits can be pinned together on one hanger or placed on two hangers and the hangers can be tied, taped, or zip tied together.
• Tags are pinned to the items with silver safety pins.

  • Please avoid tagging guns.  Tags fall off and the gun ruins the clothing. • Tags are pinned to the right side of the item when you are looking at the item on the hanger. 
    • Please do not use the gold safety pins as they result in lost tags and thus lost items.


Shoes must be in like new condition. Please be sure to wipe off any dirt/dust before packaging and bringing to sell.
• There is a limit of  5 pairs of shoes per consignor. Please only bring your best.
• Shoes must have a piece of masking tape on the bottom of each shoe with your consignor number and the item number written on it with black sharpie.
• Shoes must be secured together in some way. Shoes that are small enough can be placed in Ziploc bags. Shoes can also be tied, or zip tied together.

Décor: Children’s Decor Only Please

• Linens must be freshly laundered.
• Please place bedding sets in original comforter bag if available. You can purchase X-Large Ziploc bags that accommodate these sets at Target or Walmart. It is also nice to place a listing or photo of what is included with the set so it is not torn apart. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag with mailing tape.
• Please place random blankets and sheets on hangers with the tag pinned to the right when looking at the item. They sell better when they are up and able to be seen, as opposed to in bags.
• Make sure tags are securely attached to other décor items without damaging them.

Baby Equipment:

Please be sure to wipe off all baby equipment.
• You can pin or tape (mailing tape) the tag to strollers, swings, Excer-saucers, walkers, bouncers, pack ’n plays, etc.
• Please place diaper bags, cart covers, mobiles, car seat covers, baby carriers on hangers, unless new in box.
• Be sure that all parts are included with each item. If needed place smaller items in a Ziploc with your consignor # and item # written on it, and tape to the larger part (with consignor# and item # written on piece of tape) of the item.


Be sure to wipe off all toys.
• If there are smaller items included, please place in a labeled Ziploc (Consignor # and Item#) and attach to the larger item. Also mark the larger item with consignor number and item number.

While you are preparing your items please keep in mind that we have to cut the bottom half of the tag off before the item can be sold. It is important to securely attach your tag, but please keep our volunteers in mind when using the mailing tape.  Too much is not a good thing.  Make sure to not tape over the bottom portion of the tag.

Please email me with questions regarding the preparation and packaging of your items.