Volunteer Information

Volunteers are a vital part of An Angel’s Attic.

Our sale runs because of the many people who put in their time and effort to help our sale run as smoothly as possible.

Not only is volunteering fun and a great chance to get out of the house, it is also a way to earn more money as a consignor and to shop the sale before anyone else!

In addition to these direct benefits to you as a consignor, volunteers help to sell and secure your items. We work together to be sure that everyone’s items are treated with the respect that we would want our own items treated.  With this being said, we need as many volunteers as we can get.

An Angel’s Attic is a very large sale with at lease 30,000 items (growing every sale) that get looked at and sorted through by the more than 1,000 paying customers that come through the doors.  With the goals of selling through our items, and keeping our items as secure as possible we ask that all consignors try to work at least one 3 hour shift during the sale.  (Even if you can’t do a shift as listed, get in touch with me, we can work something out.)

Please read through the following descriptions and chose a shift that will work for you and your busy schedule.

There are 2 Levels of Volunteers:

3 Hour Volunteer:

As a volunteer you volunteer for 3 hours and if you are a consignor this earns you 70% of your selling prices. As a volunteer you shop the sale before we open to the public.

6+ Hour Volunteer:

Volunteer for 6 or more hours and have your consignor fee waived , as well as earn 70% of your sales. You shop the sale before we open to the public (or anyone else!).

Sign Up to Volunteer

Sign up not available until closer to the event.

Consignors Only:

Earn 65% of their sales.

Volunteer Jobs with Descriptions:

Drop Offs:

Outside:    This is a good shift for a couple (each work 3 hours for 1 account = 6 Hour Volunteer Status), or a pair of friends who work well together.  This is a lot of lifting and walking.  You would help consignors unload their items and place them on the racks and carts, and wheel the carts through the long hall to the back entrance of our store.

Inside:  These people check the items as they are putting them out onto the sales floor.  It is a lot of walking and time on your feet.  It is nice to see everything coming through the door.  Sometimes there is some rearranging and merchandising  that needs done during these shifts.


The greeter will be near the entrance and there to greet the customers.  She will give them an idea of the layout of items and answer any questions.  She will also be there to check in the items that they are bringing with them (strollers, diaper bags, baskets, etc.) During shopping times that we have a list of guests allowed at a certain time or guest that have tickets she will be taking those names or tickets.  This would be a good fit for someone who doesn’t do well on their feet for long periods of time.

Customer Service/Straightening/Floater:

These people will be available to help customers when needed (offer them a basket or bag or to hold their items, answer their questions, etc.).  While working with the customers, these people will be straightening the room (picking up items on the floor, rehanging items, anything they see that needs done).  They will also be there to make their presence known as a worker for the sale.


The floater/runner will be available near the checkout stations.  She will be there to help out with anything that comes up (help customers carry items out, finding answers to questions that can’t be answered, find missing tags).

Line Manager:

This is during our busiest times.  This person keeps the racks moving through the line for shoppers to use during check out.  This person also keeps the people in line happy and sends them to the next available cash register.


This person will be placed with a person on a computer.  They will place all of the clothing items on a rolling rack to be scanned and will organize the other items to help the person at the computer to easily scan all of the items.    This person collects the 1/2 of the big tag and either stamps or stickers it after it is scanned to be given back to the customer as a way to know that it is paid for.  Once all items are scanned they will count the items and will match the number with the number on the computer.  All items including clothes are placed into a large clear garbage bag that is tied off for exiting the store.

Exit Monitors:

These people will be by the exit and will make sure that all items are either in a clear bag tied off, or that the customer has the matching large item to their stamped  big tag.


Another great way to get your steps in!  Just like it sounds, we sort everything back to the consignor number.  This shift is a very important one that really has to move smoothly and quickly in order to be ready for the consignors to pick up their unsold items.